Chiropractic For Pregnancy: Webster Technique

Dr. Steve is proud to be a certified Webster Practitioner. Most expectant mothers wonder if their baby is healthy or when it will be born. However, few expectant mothers wonder about their baby's position or if they have adequate room to grow.

The Webster technique is a useful tool for pregnant women. It has become synonymous with pregnant women.

What Is The Webster Technique?

The Webster technique is a delicate non-invasive technique that aligns the pelvis. It involves the soft tissue release of the corresponding muscle groups.
To be more specific, the Webster technique helps the pelvis to work correctly during pregnancy by decreasing soft tissue strain that could lead to uterine constraint. The technique also helps create the ideal atmosphere for the baby to develop and move around. Additionally, Webster's method may also alleviate lower back or sciatic pain experienced by pregnant women and help
turn breech babies. 

How Does Webster's Technique Work?

Its natural to assume stress will be applied to the baby. However, Webster's technique is extremely gentle, and the baby will not be in distress. This procedure deals with the movement and neurological operation of the sacrum and pelvis. 
First gentle pressure is applied to the sacrum using an activator or a dropped tool. Next, a lower abdominal adjustment is performed on the round ligament to decrease any tightness or tension. 

Once the adjustment is complete, your belly may look a little more symmetrical. The baby may also be more active and kicking quite a bit because of the extra space provided by the procedure. 

Conditions treated with Webster technique include:

  • Lower Back Pain 
  • Reduction in pelvic instability 
  • Sciatica 
  • Pain or tension on the legs or groin

Benefits Of The Webster Technique:

  • Restore balance and help safely ease labor and delivery
  • Alleviate and prevent common distress experienced during pregnancy
  • Decrease the need for pain  medications 
  • Balanced pelvis and ideal positioning
  • Quicker labor 
  • Increases ability to exercise 
  • Boost sleep 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Webster Technique

Is The Webster Technique Painful?
The Webster technique is not painful. It is the opposite: gentle. Furthermore, it increases mobility and helps with overall wellbeing. 

Is The Webster Technique Safe?
Yes, the Website technique is very safe, so you can make multiple visits to your chiropractor throughout the duration of your pregnancy. 

How Many Treatments Do I Need?
Each pregnancy is different, and each expectant mother responds differently to the Webster technique. Therefore, the number of treatments must be determined on a case-by-case basis. In general, expectant others may want to go to the chiropractor at 35 weeks to ensure their pelvis is aligned before they deliver the baby. 

When Can The Webster Technique Be Performed?
It's best to go to the chiropractor sooner rather than later to prevent the pelvis from becoming misaligned or correct it if it is already misaligned. Nevertheless, you can always see a chiropractor even if you are 37 weeks pregnant and harness the benefits of the Webster technique.

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