One of my biggest mistakes early in practice was clearing individuals to return to their sports too soon. I believed that once they started feeling a bit better, they could resume their activities. My intentions were good, but I was mistaken.
Patience is the most crucial aspect of recovering from any injury. Tissue damage triggers an immune response, which in turn, leads to regeneration. Unfortunately, this process is slower than we often wish it to be.

Speed Up The Healing Process

Being Positive: Emotional stress and prolonged frustration can trigger the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body, leading to heightened inflammation, which can delay the healing of injured tissues.
Modifications: Instead of completely stopping all activities due to an injury, consider focusing on other areas, like working on your lower body at the gym when dealing with a shoulder injury. 
Isometric Exercises: When muscles contract, an internal force is generated, which effectively expels fluid from the tendon, resembling the action of wringing out a wet towel. This fluid motion subsequently activates specialized cells known as tenocytes, facilitating an expedited process of tendon remodeling
Treatment: Soft tissue work, chiro adjustments, acupuncture
Nutritious Foods: Add more of the good and limit the junk…simple.
Cold Light Laser Therapy: Promotes healing by stimulating the cells in the treated area, which can increase blood flow and encourage tissue repair. Additionally, it may reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, promoting a faster and more effective healing process. Session available at the office :)
Chart above by @dr.caleb.burgess
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