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It May Not Be The “itis”

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Golfer’s and tennis elbow (epicondylitis), plantar fasciitis and all other “itis’s” we’ve all been told inflammation is to blame for this annoying and sometimes uber painful condition.  

-This is true for acute injuries (less than 6 weeks). Feel something new and “funky” in a joint –  therapy and active rest should resolve the discomfort within a few days or weeks.

-However, for chronic conditions, inflammation may not be the main culprit… it may not even be present. Tendinopathy (or buy clomid from usa tendinosis) may be the more appropriate diagnosis.

-What is azithromycin 500 mg price in philippines Tendinopathy?

Degeneration of the tendon’s collagen fibers as a result of chronic overuse ie. Swinging a golf club a thousand times   
-What happens to the tendon?

Thickening of the tendon (snapping and clicking)

Loss of collagen continuity – collagen fibers are not linking up correctly.

Production of enzymes that have been shown to breakdown collagen fibers

– This is why the anti-inflammatories (cortisone injections) may not be effective long term.  


Best Options

  • Eccentric Exercises – repetitive lengthening of a muscle while it’s under a load.   Studies have shown these types of exercises can thin down the tendon and normalize

the collagen fibers.

  • Active Rest – Keeping active but staying away from the stressor (if possible)
  • Manual therapy- Soften the spastic tissues surrounding the area to allow more movement. Movement = Healing
  • Biomechanic correction – Assess the joint above and below the injury. Everything is connected.
  • Joint Fixation – Joints will tend to lock up (subluxated/fixated) with injuries. It’s the body’s way of defending itself.  These fixations need to be corrected for optimization of the joint.


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