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April 2016

Best Therapy to Help Decrease Fluid Buildup in Legs

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Fluid Buildup? Flush it out!

We all cringe when we see an athlete roll an ankle or buckle a knee.  While the athlete is on the ground in agony there are several mechanisms vastly occurring in the body.  First, the nervous system immediately and frantically sends a message to our brain telling it what just happened.  The brain, of course, freaks out and calls for backup: “Immune system….assess the damage, immobilize the area and send out the troops (immune cells).” 

Joint immobilization is the body’s way to prevent further damage from occurring.  Pain signals, muscles spasms and edema (fluid buildup) are some other ways our bodies attempt to protect us from further injury. 

Mr. Ed, featured above, fell on his knee resulting in lacerations and significant edema in his left knee/lower leg/ankle.  Everyday after the incident for over a week a nurse would wrap his entire leg and individual toes to help reduce the swelling.  His primary physician suggested an alternative to the timely treatment and referred Ed to Dr. Steve Muscari for NormaTec compression therapy.  To his and his wife’s surprise, the edema greatly decreased within the first session and after two weeks of therapy, the fluid in his leg has nearly resolved. Mr. Ed is back chasing around his puppy Charlie!


“It’s gonna blow!” The body is extremely intelligent, but very dramatic.  It’s almost comical to see our entire lower leg swell up from a knee or ankle sprain/strain. Although these processes are vital, there comes a point where medical and therapy intervention is necessary — especially in cases leading to compartment syndrome. (Constriction of blood vessels due to high amount of fluid and pressure build up in the limb.)

I came across the Normatec Boot Recovery System while working a Crossfit event in Miami. My discovery came at the perfect time because I was searching for performance and recovery therapy equipment for my practice, New Path Chiropractic. I can’t lie… it didn’t hurt (no pun intended) that they would be able to help me with post-workout muscle  as well.

What makes the boots effective is “Sequential Pulse Technology.” To put it simply, it mimics blood circulation. Each boot has 5 air chambers that work to push fluid up towards the heart, where it is then picked up by the lymphatic system, and eventually excreted out.

  •   click for info The benefits– Increases circulation, reduces blood lactate acids, relieves muscle swelling and soreness.
  • learn this here now Who can benefit– Anyone! Especially effective for people with sprained ankles, post knee surgery and lymphedema(please consult your doctor first)
  • levothroid price How long does it take– each session last 30 minutes. Visible results can been seen within the first session.
  • What does it feel like? – Resembles the feeling a blood pressure cuff on your legs.  Several different compression settings for your comfort.  Bonus- a messaging chair while you sit back and relax.
  • How much? When are currently running a Groupon.