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REcover Faster

with NormaTec Recovery Boots

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Increase Circulation

To put it simply, the boots mimics blood circulation. Each boot has 5 air chambers that work to push fluid out of the legs.

Decrease Soreness

Sit back, relax and let our recovery boots pump out that lactic acid and other soreness causing byproducts.

Reduce Swelling

Significantly reduce swelling in thighs, legs, ankles and/or feet after a 15-30 minute session.

Increase Flexibility

Less soreness and fluid may give the legs the ability to move a lot better.

Who Can Benefit

Athletes/Active People

NormaTec boots can significantly decrease the intensity and duration of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). From professional athletes to weekend warriors, we got you covered!

Hard At Work

On Your Feet All Day? NormaTec can help with leg tightness and soreness.

Post Injury/Surgery

Effective for people with sprained ankles, post knee or ankle surgery and even shin splints!

Acute or Chronic Swelling

Been shown to help people with the swelling in their legs due to lymphedema or other fluid retention conditions(please consult your doctor first)

This was an amazing treatment. After completing a 15 hour endurance event my legs were fatigued and I had trouble bouncing back. After meeting with Dr Steve and using the normatec boots I was able to bounce back rather quickly. My muscle fatigue was gone as well as the soreness. I am definitely incorporating the treatments into my workout routine."
John M.