We understand that our patients may have questions or concerns upon receiving chiropractic care for the first time, and it is our goal to ensure a positive, relaxing experience at New Path. With that in mind, please find some common questions and answers about what to expect during your first visit.

What is Chiropractic?

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic encompasses much more than just “adjusting the back”. Chiropractic focuses on leading an overall healthy life. Because the nervous system is responsible for controlling and coordinating all of the body’s other systems that help us to live (respiratory, digestive, muscular, and immune), chiropractors believe that keeping the nervous system healthy by gently and painlessly adjusting the vertebral column, many other conditions, illnesses, and physical problems can be avoided and aided.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment consists of locating a subluxation (a disruption or distortion of energy flow caused by spinal misalignment), and gently adjusting using a variety of techniques depending upon the patient’s needs. Adjustments may be given manually or using harmless tools that assist the chiropractor in realigning the spine. Adjustments are not painful, but may cause a patient to feel slight soreness or discomfort in the days following an adjustment.

Do I have to have a pain or health problem in order to visit a Chiropractor?

Not at all! In fact, chiropractic is great preventative care for many health related issues. Many people do not seek chiropractic care until there is pain or injury involved, and while we can surely assist you in such cases, it is recommended that chiropractic care is begun early on (as young as infancy!) and in good health. We believe that helping our patients live truly healthy lives means treating the patient as a whole, not just the part that is diseased.

We are dedicated to educating our patients and the public about the many wonderful reasons why chiropractic can be beneficial to everyone, and we often receive looks of surprise when we mention some of the little-known conditions that chiropractic may be able to assist with such as: earaches in infants and children, colic, reducing blood pressure, infertility issues, sleep disorders… the list goes on and on.  Our patients come in all shapes and sizes, from infant to elderly, and our passion is helping you live your best life!