this link click to find out more Scar Tissue Development is the natural occurring response to healing tissue damage. It is made up of the same material, collagen, as the tissue it replaces; however, it is laid down in nonuniform directions.The disarray of fibers can unfortunately cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Scar tissue can attach itself to other structures in the body (muscles, tendon, ligament, nerves) forming what are called Adhesions.  When this occurs, pain and dysfunction in areas away from the scar can arise.

For example, cesarean scars and/or adhesions can adhere themselves to nerves in the pelvic region that control bladder function.  The entanglement of nerve and adhesion make it difficult for proper functionality and can eventually lead to painful urination and/or leakages.  This type of scenario we are not accustomed to thinking (scars causing symptoms), however it is extremely common and can be a treated.

Dr. Steve Muscari has several year history of scar tissue therapy experience and has seen great results with helping mamas after Cesareans.